Mountain hiking in the Graian Alps

Hiking in the Graian Alps

The top of Granta Parei in Graian Alps
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Discription of mountain hike route by tourists from Nizhniy Novgorod trekking club in the alpine mountains. Planning, preparation and passage of a route in Gran Paradiso massif.

Photos from a hike in the Graian Alps

Interesting The group on the glacier de la Tsanteleina during ascent to mountain pass Col de Rhemes-Calabre Best Top L'Albaron of the Gran Paradiso massif People The girls are jumping for joy on the mountain pass Col de Rhemes-Calabre Panoramas The valley of the Evettes glacier

Powerful Alps! Glorious Alps! Proud Alps! Mountainous country, known to everyone from a school bench, which at the mention of it gives birth to pictures of alpine meadows, rocks, glaciers, peaks reflections in bright blue lakes in your imagination, may stand in front of each in all it's beauty.

Our way was going through the picturesque areas of the Graian Alps: the Gran Paradiso mountain massif (Italy) and the Vanoise National park (France). Unlike most of mountains in Russia and the former Soviet Union, area of the Graian Alps is developed, ennobled and inhabited. The mountains are popular winter and summer. For active tourists there are paved trails in the valleys and mountain passes. And they exist not only on maps. Trails have been classified and marked and they are being cared and ennobled. Alpine unions and national parks look after the trails.

In general, it is very beautiful in the mountains! Especially when you look down at the magnificent landscapes: lakes and meadows, snow-capped mountain ridges, waterfalls, rivers and brooks, gorges and cliffs. And at the small mountain villages.

We were amazed the italian villages. Lost in the mountains, they have kept their charm and spirit of the old times: cosy small houses, delicious homemade food, welcoming hosts, responsive residents.

Good memories of time visiting the mountains and their inhabitants have prompted us to create this site. So as without a good preparation all impressions could grow dim, we have placed here information about how we were training before the hike, which technique we have used, how we were getting to mountains and so on. In general, this is a story about how to make your summer bright, unforgettable, full of impressions and positive emotions!

Паркетная доска купить ателье де паркет продажа элитной паркетной.

The silhouette of the mountain range
With the support of the Nizhniy Novgorod trekking club
Authors of the site warn that the mountain tourism activity without the necessary knowledge, professional instructors, systematic training, psychological, tactical and physical training can be a serious health hazard and a threat to life.
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