Mountain hiking in the Graian Alps

Hiking in the Graian Alps

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Nutrition in a hike in the Graian Alps

So, you have been appointed responsible on nutrition in a hike. And now you're the most important person in the group, which provides food for the whole group. This means that you need something to feed them all somewhere far away, whole two to three weeks! "That's impossible!" - You might think. But it is not all that bad actually.

For the beginning you must be a downer: you need bravely find out what members of your group love or hate to eat, who has allergy and (the worst), who is a vegetarian.


You should to run around the shops and markets, to read range of food and to feed the group products, that is new and interesting for you.

You need to remember all: price, caloric content of products,flavoring predilections, the combination of incongruous.

Then, you need to analyze again.

Check more precisely your route with your navigating officer. You need it to compose meals to have most of benefit from food. About interdependence of route and nutrition you can learn by reading the contents of the pages about nutrition in a hike on the main site of our club. And then you may start to create.

Cooking nutritious supper in a tent The girls put alpine berries directly into their mouth

Layout of food

The layout is a menu with the calculations of calories and grams of food per person per day. For a hike it is preparing not on each day, only for 3-4 days, and then the menu is repeated. That is, the layout is a cyclic.

At the end of our hike we would like to share with you the experience of how best to diversify the menu, tell about our experiments and theirs results.

If it is the first time you go in hike, and plus you are responsible on nutrition, it will be hard. A lot has been written, something from the above will seem counter-intuitive, but something you will like. With time you will gain experience. And you will have your own secrets, tricks, rules. Before our hike navigating officer said, "If I will grow thin, then the layout is bad, if I will grow fat - also," - well, his weight has not changed, that is why our responsible on nutrition is indescribably happy!

The silhouette of the mountain range
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