Mountain hiking in the Graian Alps

Hiking in the Graian Alps

A halt for lunch
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Advices on nutrition in a mountain hike in the Alps

  1. During the day is necessary to organize the following meals: breakfast, lunch (complete with soup), snack, supper.
  2. Lunch with soup can be organized every other day.
  3. Need to have a variety of sweets. Each species must have a subspecies.
  4. Tea also should be different. But keep in mind the effects of tea.
  5. And generally keep in mind effects from any product (well, for example, peas).
  6. When you buy food, do not give in to persuasion! Such as: "Why should we take a dried cherries? Let us take the raisins instead of it!" A raisin is in snack. And they do not even know how they will get tired of it! So the search for unusual and overseas products in their best interest.
  7. Try the local food. We, for example bought pasta in Italy. It is Italy, you know! But you may have difficulties in finding some products in stores (here in Russia, buckwheat is everywhere but in Europe it is almost not sold). At first you need to explore the assortment there.
Waiting for dinner at a restaurant in Milan Inna is going to eat dried fruits and nuts
  1. It is better to pack all products at home. You need to buy packets about 100 of pieces and fill them with food. Very convenient for each meal to create a bag for each tent. It is really comfortable when tents are autonomous in terms of food. Note: since there are restrictions on the transportation of food products across the state border (in Europe it is forbidden to import products containing animal protein), then packaging of products should be made at the hotel.
  2. Therefore you need to have an assistants in the other tents. They should know when and what meal the group eats. They can change the menu on their own opinion or opinion of all living in a tent. Be careful! Of course, you should listen the group, but do not change menu in a hike a lot. They do not know that you have a pleasant edible surprises, and can mix the menu so that they will have 2 days in a row to chew a rump. And in the end it will be your fault.
  3. If someone is allergic to some of the products, you should offer him a replacement. And so he gets the same amount of calories as his comrades. And that for him it is tasty and varied too. And preferably it should be fast cooking.
  4. Vegetarians need to retrain. In fact, most only a pretend. But if they strongly insists, you, poor fellow, must create a special menu for them.
  5. Do not listen to those who say that does not eat something because just do not like this. They will like. Think of seasonings, buy spices, create sauces. Original and new taste each time.
  6. You have to be exceptionally fancy, witty and stubborn. Because of some strange law in a hike you want to eat fried chicken with vegetables, goose baked with apples or duck into the marinade. But there is nothing of it... So do not be greedy, let it be stewed fruit, cocoa, cream soups, cakes with poppy seeds, figs, marmalade worms (and let it nonuseful, but one time so tasty!) and others.
The silhouette of the mountain range
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