Mountain hiking in the Graian Alps

Hiking in the Graian Alps

Cooking supper
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Our notes on nutrition in a hike

It may be too much rules and some may be completely incomprehensible - how it can turn out to eat delicious in a hike by performing them . So below are some tips from our responsible on nutrition person, her conclusions after four mountain hikes, correction of mistakes, and plans for future hikes:

  • you may begin to prepare for a hike in summer and autumn: to dry the apples, to make candied pumpkin;
  • in a snacks it is better to use not a bunch of different nuts, but 30 grams of nuts 2-3 species and dried fruits (eg, almond+cashew+hazelnuts+apricots), roasted nuts less useful, but they are diverse;
  • first tried pine nuts, and we liked it very much (in general were: roasted cashews and ordinary, roasted and ordinary hazelnuts, brazil, almonds, pine nuts, walnuts may be);
  • used the candied fruit, try dried pomelo - original, in the city is unlikely to eat, and in the mountains the most it;
  • dried fruits are best kept away from nuts because nuts are gaining moisture and become tasteless;
  • during packing we put sugar and milk powder directly into sachets with groats, it was comfortable. And even at home we leave enough milk powder to each bag of porridge;
  • took the spices in the market;
  • some food bought in Italy: tasted candy, cookies, there are very high-quality small loafs;
  • nature gifts is better not to eat: There are berries, mushrooms and stuff, this issue can be agreed with the medic;
  • it is tasty to eat with ketchup, but it is heavy to carry it;
  • and you can also take extra tasty surprises, not in the layout, but for the soul.
Dried fruit for snacks and breakfast Natural food - alpine blueberries
The silhouette of the mountain range
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