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Nutrition organization in a hike in Graian Alps

Nutrition - it is one of the necessary components of a good hike. Its proper organization is essential. Therefore we advise to give enough attention to the issue of nutrition in preparation for a hike, and appoint a responsible on drafting menu and counting necessary calories, protein, fat and carbohydrates.

Why so carefully calculate? All group members must have enough energy to go on the route. And our body derives energy from the foods we eat. That is why we need to know exactly whether enough energy we get from those products that we are going to take with in a hike.

Extra weight

On the other hand, why not take a little more and not worry about the lack of energy? As they say above the head can not jump. We will not use more energy than we need it. And all the excess will be delayed in our body, and as a result - you risk get in a hike a few unneeded pounds. In addition, the products taken more than needed - this is extra weight in your backpack, which are already not particularly easy. So why wear a whole trip too much, if you can avoid it by counting the number of products required in advance?

Restores missing energy Group is snacking

Thus, before a hike, we carefully calculate the required number of products from which you can get enough power for trekking. And take in a hike no more and no less. Group well-fed and cheerful, and in backpacks nothing is superfluous.

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