Mountain hiking in the Graian Alps

Hiking in the Graian Alps

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Carriage of the guitar in the plane

It is hard to imagine a hike to the mountains without a guitar. Yes, there are such hiking, but they usually occur harsh male company in places where not every tourist will go. In other cases, a hike without the guitar will be a less pleasant. Therefore, we provide some tips on transportation of conventional acoustic guitar in the airplane cabin. It should immediately be said that it is a budget option of transportation, that excludes significant waste of money.

To begin let's ask ourselves, in what is worth to carry a guitar. From the famous "non-exotic" means of transport can distinguish soft carrying case made ??of thick cloth and hard case. And the focus of this article is on the first option, based on a number of considerations. First, the price of the carrying case is not comparable to the price of a solid case. Second, the guitar in a soft coffer has much more chance to be in one cabin with a master. Indeed, the point is that the hard case can not pass the established dimensions and weight for carry-on baggage and will be placed in the luggage compartment. And to convince the airline employees is that there is a chance to damage the guitar in hard case will be much more difficult. While the guitar in the cabin avoids close contact with the "soft" hands movers, exposure to low temperatures and a number of other adverse factors luggage department. Of course, you can buy a very expensive special carrying case, which producer has promised to guarantee the safety of your instrument, but this method can not be called a budget.

Guitar in soft case is tied to a backpack Playing guitar in a tent

Also best to obtain prior information from interesting you airline regarding the issue on hand baggage and musical instruments. There are several ways of doing this:

  • consultation by phone with a representative of the airline whose services you are going to use;
  • Visit the official website of the airline where you may be able to find the necessary information (in particular, the size of hand luggage allowed, possibility of transportation of musical instruments, etc.);
  • search for information on the internet on online forums where people share their practical experience in the transportation guitar in aircraft depending on the direction of travel (for example, U.S. airlines often obstructed by oversized things, seeing the terrorist threat, which is not observed, for example, in respect of European Airlines ).

After the preparatory phase occurs practical implementation. Better advance for 2-3 hours arrive at the airport and without rush to register luggage leaving as hand luggage, in addition to guitar, as less things as possible (clothes can be put on yourself, and take off in the cabin.) Conversations with the staff should wear a declarative character, based on the need to transport the guitar in the cabin, in order to keep it in good condition. After successful registration during landing under close control of stewardess a case with a guitar is placed in the locker of things business-class passengers, or, alternatively, on the shelf for the things above the seats, unless of course its size can deploy a instrument.

The silhouette of the mountain range
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