Mountain hiking in the Graian Alps

Hiking in the Graian Alps

A street in the village Pialpetta
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Places of Interest in Groscavallo in the Graian Alps

Our hike after leaving the mountains Graian was not over. AHead of us was a lot of discovery. So, let us begin.

The first night after the Alps. We were in a wonderful, magical place that struck us with its cosiness. Pialpetta, Groscavallo, Piemonte, Italy. This is a small Italian village, located in a Groscavallo valley, from both sides of which rise the mountains, the tops of which are not visible through the clouds.

Flower pots House in the Pialpetta village

There's a feeling that everyone knows each other, people are very friendly and always ready to help, though do not speak English. Houses are small, and on the balconies of a huge number of flowers. In the air evoking the atmosphere of the feast. In the cafe on the street sitting, chatting and smiling at us people, and we go for a walk. Look around. Our attention was drawn to an old church, with painted on the wall of a sundial, and we even heard the bell ringing. Meanwhile, getting dusk, lights began to light up.

Houses in the Pialpetta village Houses in the center of the Pialpetta village

But we can not fall asleep at night, what could be better dancing in the moonlight? And it's right on the front lawn. Beauty! And so much energy that we did not seem to have been in a hike.

But everything comes to an end, and we go on.

The silhouette of the mountain range
With the support of the Nizhniy Novgorod trekking club