Mountain hiking in the Graian Alps

Hiking in the Graian Alps

Fragment of the map of French Alps
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Maps for a hike and the preparation for it

Finding and using topographic maps of the area of the travel is an integral part of the preparatory process for a hike. In the development of the route, you can use an electronic format of map, and print it or look in the stores directly for a hike. Naturally, this should be done well in advance. We also recommend not forget using the service Google Earth, which will be very useful during the development of the route. Service provides three-dimensional view of the relief shows the height above sea level in each particular selected point, there are also the photographs of different places which attached to specific points, placed by users.

On the territory of the Alps there are the boundaries of states, which is also a problem in finding maps. Most maps are accented on one state, and they provide information almost without leaving the boundaries of the state. So you have to look for maps of different publishers and match them so that they are quite complementary. Existing project "Alps without Borders", which aims at solving the problem, but its geographical coverage is not so great.

It is not so difficult to find maps on the internet . Harder to get their in your hands. If you are lucky, you will find on the internet sheets of maps scanned in high quality, or you need to buy it. You can buy over the internet, about a month and a half before the hike so that the map could come in time. Finding places where you can get the maps on arrival, did not lead to good results. Even if the site was pointed out that the store has map that you need, in practice it was not in the store. Also, when searching for maps in Europe, we are faced with another important feature: in the Italian stores practically no maps of french Alps, that probably is true in other areas. Also in the mountain valleys, generally do not sell maps of adjacent squares.

The silhouette of the mountain range
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