Mountain hiking in the Graian Alps

Hiking in the Graian Alps

Street in Milan
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Places of Interest in Milan

Milan. Milan… Milan!

We arrived there in the evening, settled into the hotel and went for a walk. Old buildings, long streets, trams passing. And again the night dancing in the square before the university! Energy boils in us!

And the next day was also devoted to walks.

Our acquaintance with Milan we started with the Castello Sforzesco. This castle is the residence of the Milan's Dukes of Sforza dynasty, was originally built in the 14th century. Interesting fact that the image of the Sforza castle has been taken by Milanese architects who worked on the Moscow Kremlin (form of towers and crown of teeth crowning walls). Behind the fortress is a huge park, with canals and ducks floating in it. Here you can relax, sit on the grass, eat and share experiences. And again, in the way!

Santa Maria in Milan The Duomo in Milan

To the Duomo! Duomo is a Milan's cathedral. It is always different. In sunlight and in the dark. When you stand and look at him, and when you rise to the top. How was it possible to build such magnificence? It seems paper and weightless, even soaring skyward. Although only sculptures there more than three thousand. And all different. This is not something that build, and it's hard to come up with!

It is the third largest in Europe after St. Peter's Cathedral in Rome and St. Paul's in London. Europe's only one gothic white marble colossus, his first blocks were laid in 138. Above the altar of the cathedral is a nail that is said to have been brought from the crucifixion of Christ.

But again, it's time to move on. We walked through the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, looked at La Scala. In Milan you can walk forever. It never ceases to amaze. On main streets lot of people, all noise, gesture, smile, go somewhere, drink coffee and read the newspaper. But it is necessary turn the neighboring streets, and you get to the other Milan. There's peace and quiet.

Another feature of Milan. It should to want to drink - on the way there is a drinking fountain, want to know what time is it - as if out of the ground there is a post with green clock, want to make sure that you look good - get help from the shop windows or mirrors motorcycle carefully parked next to the sidewalk.

The green clock Canal Naviglio Grande in Milan

On the last night we had dinner in the south of Milan near the underground station Porta Genova. A small river, the promenade with cozy inviting cafes. People resting and walking near. Again kindled lights, warm wind and the feeling that life is a lot of new, novel and attractive.

The main thing is to have time!

The silhouette of the mountain range
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