Mountain hiking in the Graian Alps

Hiking in the Graian Alps

Station platform in Innsbruck
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Getting in the Graian Alps

One of important issue in any hike is how to get to that place in the mountains from where you planned to start a hike.

We are not going to cover the question how to get to one of the big cities in Europe, it is not too complicated and information on this subject can easy be found on the internet. Let's just say that in our case, we traveled by plane from Moscow to Milan. To the capital of our country from our native Nizhny Novgorod we traveled by train.

View from the window of the last car of the train The plane at the airport in Milan

Here, on our site, first of all we describe how to move around Italy on ground public transport.

Also, we would like to talk about the intricacies of transportation guitar on the plane and share our experiences in this regard.

And of course to tell and show what interesting places along the way to the mountains we have been able to visit. What interesting things we had time to see, what to know about. What kind of Europe appeared to us in our journey to Graian Alps.

Vehicles in Italy is owned by state and commercial organizations. Which can be conditionally divided into:

  • international - between states;
  • interregional - between the major cities;
  • regional - within the region;
  • local - between cities and small settlements.

One and the same company can have in its vehicle fleet as buses well as trains. In terms of passengers, it is very comfortable. Once you arrive, for example, on a train from the center of one of the region at the center of another region, you can without the hassle take the bus and get off as close to the destination. In this case, a train ticket and a bus ticket is one and the same, because it is the one company, and it is doubly comfortable. In addition, between different companies there is a mutual agreement on the timetable It is made so that people could loose their time during transplanting as few as possible. But do not rely on the ideality of the system. You have to understand that the farther a place where you need to get and the less people living there, the less vehicles goes there. Also in Italy is not rare delay of trains and strikes.

In the internet there is timetables and the detailed itinerary almost for each stop. It is necessarily to read what is written in small print. There may be information available on how to schedule depends on the day of the week, public holidays, seasons, and even the school holidays. Also is specified and the cost of travel, depending on where you are going, or information about tariff. On these sites have all the other information about the company and conditions of travel and luggage, the various categories of benefit recipients, etc. It is better to clarify this information on the spot at the ticket office or agency.

There are two small difficulties when searching. The first - the need to translate from a foreign language. Google translator helps here a little bit, because of the specific material. Second - search for specific information on travel from point A to point B. As a rule on the company website there are no tables, which we see in Russia, that is such tables where are a departure time of a transport from the station and the final destination. But there is a field where is necessary to enter the place of departure and destination. With the point of departure there is no problem, but to find out where you can get with this company, you have to find the scheme and compare it with the usual map. Remain properly write the names of settlements, because they are written in different languages ??in different ways. Sometimes you can choose the language in which the site will be display, there are no Russian. But English for the most people simplifies the business.

The silhouette of the mountain range
With the support of the Nizhniy Novgorod trekking club